2017 Contributors

Frank Ambriz

Frank Ambriz is a graduate student specializing in technical communication and digital rhetoric. He is interested and skilled in all things technology and multimedia. You can follow him on Twitter @Frank_T1000.

Ann McBee

Ann Stewart McBee was born in Kalamazoo, Michigan. She graduated with a PhD in creative writing at the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, where she taught writing and served as an editor for cream city review. She has published fiction and poetry in Citron Review, Blue Earth Review, Palaver and At Length among others. She now teaches English at Des Moines Area Community College, and lives outside Des Moines, Iowa with her husband.

John Gutierrez

John Gutierrez is an alumnus of New Mexico State University. He graduated in 1989 with a degree in Elementary Education. His wife is also a graduate of NMSU and a teacher as well. Their three kids also attended NMSU. When not teaching he loves to take pictures.

David Hale

David Hale is the writer/artist based in Chicago and is responsible for the creation of the artificial intelligence HW-PM- R-00, a digital poem writing entity. HW-PM- R-00 is trained to use David’s own text to construct its poems using textual analysis and algorithms. The poems published in the journal are a combination of David’s text and 00’s writing capabilities. David is an MFA Writing candidate at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studies a combination of writing and technology. 00 resides in digital space on David’s website @

Whiteman La Torra

Whiteman La Torra is an accomplished bum and general layabout. He spends most days navelgazing and has accomplished nothing of note. He hopes to one day do nothing, professionally.

Anu Mahadev

Anu Mahadev is a left-brained engineer turned right-brained poet based in the Greater New York region. She is a recent graduate of the MFA in Poetry program from Drew University, and is a part-time editor for the Woman inc. Online and Jaggery Lit online. Her poems have been featured in the Olentangy Review, the Wild Word, (b)oink magazine, and are forthcoming in a few other journals.

Stephen Mead

A resident of NY, Stephen Mead is a published outsider artist, writer, maker of short collage films and sound collage downloads. If you are at all interested, please put his name in any search engine in conjunction with any of those genres for links and merchandise entailing his multi-media work.

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz

Gwendolyn Joyce Mintz is a writer and photographer.  Her work has appeared in various online and print journals as well as anthologies.  She is the author of two fiction chapbooks, “Mother Love” (Unlikely Books) and “Where I’ll Be If I’m Not There” (Argus House Press).


Toti O’Brien

Toti O’Brien is the Italian Accordionist with the Irish Last Name. She was born in Rome and lives in Los Angeles, where she makes a living as a self-employed artist, performing musician, and professional dancer. Her work has recently appeared in Indiana Voices, Italian Americana, Subprimal, and Salt Hill Journal.

Shane Moritz

Shane Moritz is an American/Australian made of good, honest barbarian. He holds an MFA from Georgia College & State University. He won the 2016 Frankye Davis Mayes Prize sponsored by the Academy of American Poets. Presently a Baltimoritzean, he blogs at Total Moritz of the Heart.

Edmundo Resendez

Edmundo Resendez, 45 is a non-traditional student at New Mexico State University. Edmundo has worked as operations manager and producer for KRWG-FM since 2012. Edmundo has worked in the radio and advertising industry since 1990 and has lived the life of a radio gypsy having lived in Texas, Illinois, Missouri, New York and New Hampshire. Edmundo settled in Las Cruces, NM in 2002 with his wife, Jeanne, who is an NMSU graduate (Class of 1997, Masters Class 2017), daughter Donna who is a junior at Onate High School and a dual credit student at NMSU and Carmen who is in kindergarten. Edmundo describes his writings as being for “bathroom intellectuals,” those who need a quick read for their quick business.


Natalie Rodriquez

Natalie Rodriquez is a writer/filmmaker from Southern California. Her work has been featured on Amazon Books, “Dime Show Review: Volume 1, Issue 1 – ‘Apricots,’ Tribe section;” Zooey Deschanel’s HelloGiggles; A-1 Home Care; All Day Media; AXS; Blasting News; Defeat the Stigma Project; Dime Show Review; Factual Facts; Fictional Cafe; FlockU; Girls Soccer Network; Hamline Lit Link; MCXV; Millennials 365; “Opposing Views;” Ranker; Scriggler; Short Kid Stories; TheGamer; The Huffington Post; TheRichest; “This is Now;” Thought Catalog; WeekendNotes; Winamop Poetry; and Writer’s Weekly. Upcoming publications include a reprint of her personal essay on mental health and therapy shaming, “Stop the SHAME,” on EndPain; a horror story, “Inner Child,” on The Stray Branch this April; and an open letter on the passing of a loved one, “The Impact of Grief, After the Loss of a Loved One,” on Longridge Review.

Katrina Smith

Katrina Smith is a junior in Horticulture at NMSU with a minor in art. She is originally from Tucumcari, NM and has been making art for six years. The Dragon is her newest piece created with watercolor and ink and inspired by western henna designs. The piece is meant to represent both tranquility and confidence.

Garrett Tucker

Garrett Tucker is a creative photographer from Aztec, New Mexico. He is currently studying Journalism at New Mexico State University with an emphasis in Photojournalism. He is passionate about photography because it allows him to express and share his creativity through inspiring documentation of people, places and moments of his adventures. He is excited to learn more about his own creativity and his ability to capture powerful photos with a unique style.

Tymiah Williams

Tymiah is a 23-year-old artist from Los Angeles California. At a very young age she knew art was her passion, always drawing in church and class to pass the time. From childhood to adulthood her love for art has grown, from color, attention to detail and the overall enjoyment of creating. Each painting and sculpture starts out from a lucid image of a dream, each with a different meaning. She looks up to Salvador Dali and Keith Haring for originality. There is a sense of excitement and pleasant confusion while viewing each work she accomplishes.


Ariadne Wolf

Ariadne Wolf is completing her BAchelor’s in Women’s and Gender Studies at Willamette University this Spring. After WWOOfing over the summer, Ariadne will begin her Master’s in Creative Writing at Mills College in the Fall. Ariadne hopes to influence other young women to write about their own lives and experiences.