2013 Contributors

Bria Pritchard

C.T. Pritchard grew up in Texas and is currently completing an MA at New Mexico State University. This is her first publication.




Corwin A. McAvoy

Corwin Alexander McAvoy, an undergraduate at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, is earning his B.A. in Psychology and has been known to write fictitious things on occasion. He would like to thank his amazing cousin, Kelly Pacheco, for threatening him into submitting this work. He also thinks you’re awesome. Look for him on the Facebook. Read his stuff!



Eve Price

Eve Price received her BA in English from NMSU in December 2012.  She is currently a graduate student at NMSU in the Education Department.  She is also an actress who was recently seen as the Narrator in the AMerican Southwest Theatre Company’s production of Rocky Horror Show.



Heather Anne Trahan

Heather Anne Trahan is a doctoral candidate in the Rhetoric & Writing Program at Bowling Green State University. Her poems have been published in wordriver literary review, Word Riot, Pine Mountain Sand & Gravel: Contemporary Appalachian Writing, among others. Her scholarship has appeared in the journals Writing on the Edge, Enculturation, Computers and Composition Online, and The Journal of the Assembly for Expanded Perspectives on Learning. Check out her dissertation blog at: http://rhetcomppolydiss.wordpress.com.


Hey V Kay

Hey V Kay is the work of singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and Boise, Idaho native Karen Havey. Heavily inspired by80’s synthesized melodies and electronic dance beats, her music uses a blend of guitar, strings, and synthesizers to create a multi-layered, cinematic quality sound enhanced by her unique and androgynous vocals. She was recently a featured performer during Boise’s 2nd annual Treefort Music Fest in March 2013, which attracted well over 6,000 attendants.


Jacque Creamer

Jacque Creamer graduated from New Mexico State University in May of 2012, receiving her bachelor’s degree in English with an Emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Marketing. She enjoys going on adventures and experiencing new things, whether in book form or physical form. Jacque is currently in London, England at Kingston University studying for her MA in Publishing. Even though writing is her passion, this is Jacque’s first time being published.


Jairo Sanchez

Jairo Sanchez is Creative Writing major at NMSU.  He was born in Denver, Colorado, but raised in Roswell, New Mexico.  The main focus of his writing derives from his Mexican heritage and storytellers in his family.  This is his first publication.



Karlee Kuehn

Karlee Kuehn is an MA Publishing student with a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Central Florida.  She has been writing poetry her whole life, but only recently has it gotten any good.




Kelly Pacheco

Kelly Pacheco lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico. She is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in English, and is an assistant editor at Noemi Press. She has a nine-month-old daughter who keeps her very active, and sometimes not so sane. Kelly plans to be a writer and editor of novels, and dreams of one day owning her own publishing house.



Kristin Distel

Kristin Distel is a graduate student in the Ashland University Master of Fine Arts program. She is currently researching modernist revisions of early modern ideologies, particularly focusing on the work of Toni Morrison and Mary Astell. On this topic, Kristin has recently presented papers at The University of Oxford, The University of Manchester, the South Central Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies, and several other conferences. In late 2013, Cambridge University Press will publish her article “Gendered Travel and Quiescence in Toni Morrison’s Paradise” as part of a collection on utopias in twentieth-century women’s fiction.


Lacey Rowland

Lacey Rowland is pursuing a degree in English with a writing emphasis from Boise State University.  She was recently involved in a local production of Shakespeare’s Henry V in which the part of King Henry was played by a 5th grader.  DIN Magazine is her first publication.



Laura Goldstein

Laura Goldstein‘s poetry and essays have appeared or are forthcoming from the Denver Quarterly, American Letters and Commentary, Jacket2, How2, and other fine publications. She is the author of six chapbooks, one of which, phylum, is forthcoming from Horse Less Press in Spring 2013. Her first full-length collection of poetry, loaded arc, will be released by Trembling Pillow Press in Summer 2013. Performances of her work have been documented in the Emergency Index by Ugly Duckling Presse. She currently teaches at Loyola University and co-curates the Red Rover Series with Jennifer Karmin in Chicago.


Lulu Wang

Lulu Wang was born in 1990 in Dalian, China, a northern coastal city of 6 million people.  She studied fine art and perfected graphite portraiture at Dalian Art High School No. 15.  In America after graduating as valedictorian from Alma d’arte art charter high school here in Las Cruces, she had a one woman art show at In Effect Gallery.  She plans on becoming an American citizen later this year.  As a high school student, she also attended CMI’s Story Cast 2008 where her story Love in the Lunch Line was produced as a short film.  She graduated from Dona Ana Community College with an AAS degree in Creative Media.  At NMSU’s CMI, she is a Crimson Scholar and anticipates graduating in December of this year with a major in Animation.  With an appreciation for creating original stories, she plans on pursuing a MFA in Professional Screen Writing with an emphasis in Transmedia in 2014.  You are invited to view her web site at www.Lulu-Art.com.


Mary Baker

Mary Baker: I am a freelance writer and photographer and I try to follow what inspires me… I’m an art teacher, a mother of two, and a graduate of NMSU. I was published in DIN in 2012,  and have worked on freelance writing with Las Cruces Sun-News.  I want to thank my kids (Serena & Phoenix), my significant other Juan, my awesome family, my amazing friends, and DIN–all who support my starving-artist pursuits.


Matt Hopper

Matt Hopper is in his third year at NMSU, working towards a bachelor’s degree in English with a creative writing emphasis. He plans on using this degree as leverage to become an MFA candidate before moving on to teach creative writing to the next generation of bards-in-training.  He is a member of the Student Veterans Association and serves as secretary for the Pagan Student Union. He’s a former band nerd, current sci-fi and fantasy geek, avid reader, Netflix junkie, reluctant bicyclist, human rights advocate, gamer, disciple of Athena, and Iraq war veteran. Prior to DIN, he has never been published.


Matthew David Perez

Matthew David Perez was born and raised in El Paso, Texas, where he developed a youthful passion for writing ghost and mystery stories. He found his writing voice during undergraduate studies at Saint Cloud State University in Saint Cloud, Minnesota, where he had two short stories published in The Upper Mississippi Harvest literary magazine. Now in his final quarter of graduate school, he lives in Seattle, volunteering for the Richard Hugo House for Writers, and working on a novel.


Megan Ketelboeter

My name is Megan Ketelboeter and I graduated from New Mexico State University in December 2012. I majored in English and History. Currently, I’m working on the next phase of my life and look optimistically toward the future.


Melissa Mullinax

Melissa Mullinax volunteers with AmeriCorps through the Opportunities with AmeriCorps for Offender Success (OARS) Program in the Education Department of Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility. She studied English and is interested in using the tools of writing, reading, dialogue, and social justice education to facilitate the reclaiming of the voices of the marginalized, silenced, and oppressed.



Peter Brooks

In his picture, Peter Brooks moves a gigantic TV. He loathes moving, yet loves communities. Born and formed in Wisconsin, he’s communed in Arizona, Missouri, and New Mexico. Currently a PhD student at UW Milwaukee, Peter holds an MFA from NMSU, contributes regularly to the yearly Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar, and placed 3rd place in a Pac-Man contest as a child. He has since parted ways with that TV but if you see it, say hi.



Rebecca Marcella Atkins

Rebecca Marcella Atkins is a senior at New Mexico State University, an aspiring photographer and a journalist. She currently anchors for KRWG News 22 and will be graduating in May 2013.




Ryan Haskell

Ryan Haskell graduated from Northern Michigan University in May 2013 with a bachelor of arts in in History, English, and Political Science. This is his first submission and publication of any creative work. He hopes to continue writing and publishing, and after teaching English abroad in South Korea, he plans to pursue an MA or MFA. Ryan just returned from studying for a year at Charles University in Prague. He is originally from Napoleon, Michigan.



Taylor Bunker

I’m Taylor Bunker, and I was born in Las Cruces and attended Mayfield High School before coming to NMSU. I am a first-year college student majoring in Animation and Visual Effects and I hope to one day work with Pixar or possibly Marvel Studios.  Throughout my educational career, I have striven for excellence and I believe that attitude has greatly impacted my art.




Teague von Bohlen

Teague von Bohlen teaches creative writing at the University of Colorado Denver.  His stories have seen print in South Dakota Review, Hawaii Pacific Review, Superstition Review, and is forthcoming in Waccamaw.  His first novel, The Pull of the Earth, won the Colorado Book Award for Fiction, and he’s currently finishing a college success textbook (due out in March with Pearson) and a collection of flash fiction and photography called Flatland, of which these stories and pictures are a part.