2010 Multimedia

Justin Aerni

Chris Bardey

“Matrix Feels Alive”

MatrixFeelsAlive_Chris Bardey

Jade Boswell


Boating_Jade Boswell

Michael Block

“Solar System”

Solar System_Michael Block
This piece is a wearable solar system using the imagery of sacred geometry. There is a stone set in the center of the object to symbolize the heat of the sun. The planet-like objects that rotate around the sun are all two sided and can be interchangeable on the sun. Each planet is a certain distance from the sun giving them a specific gravity in relation to the sun. Two smaller gems, one amethyst and one citrine, are set and connected into the sun giving reference to asteroids or moons.


Kayla Krattiger


queen_Kayla Krattiger

Vanessa Lowe

Vanessa Lowe

Eric McKinley

Stephanie Vasquez