2010 Contributors

aarondaughertyAaron Daugherty

Aaron Daugherty is a senior majoring in English at New Mexico State University.
His passion for verse is only matched by his friendship to the poets around him. Besides that, he is a raging sexy stud.




Alheli-HarveyAlheli Harvey

Fond of wearing seafoam green, Woody Allen movies, and drinking criminal amounts of tea, Alheli Harvey was born some time ago.  Her DNA has never stopped replicating since. She is currently attempting to study literature at NMSU. She plans on going to grad school and eating cheescake in the future…with raspberries. She’s pregnant with ambition, and hopes not to miscarry.



bryantmillionBryant Million

Bryant Million comes from the lands of Richmond, Kentucky, rolling and green, as well as Portales, New Mexico, flat and desolate. He has attended New Mexico State University, where, at the mercy of his imagination, he has learned to wrestle and tame the words that constantly barrage his mind and contain them into little scribbles and scratches on paper–poetry. He will graduate in May 2010 and continue to spend his time breathing, blinking and thinking.


Camilo-Roldan2Camilo Roldán

Camilo Roldán received his B.A. in English at NMSU. His work has appeared in recent issues of Sin Fronteras and decomP magazinE.





Cadence! is a Pop/ Rock Band from Las Cruces, NM. The band was created out of pure love for music, and for nothing else. As they progress in their music career, they hope to continue saving lives one song at a time.


carrie tafoyaCarrie Tafoya

Carrie Tafoya has just graduated from New Mexico State University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in anthropology and one in English and creative writing. This summer she will celebrate her first wedding anniversary. And most importanly, she is knocked up.




Charity C. TranCharity C. Tran

Charity C. Tran is a Los Angeles native who frequents public transit, arts, and culture. A graduate of USC’s Master of Professional Writing Program, she has published in Mused, Toasted Cheese Literary Journal, and the national journal Main Street News.  Recently, she was an honorable mention in Glimmer Train’s Very Short Fiction Contest.  You can follow her on twitter (@charitytran) or read her blog at: http://www.charitytran.com.


chrisbardeyChris Bardey

Chris Bardey makes and teaches art. He lives with his wife Tray, and resident animals, Egon, Chiva and Jimmy in Las Cruces, NM. Chris moved to Las Cruces in 2007 when he started graduate studies at NMSU, and completes his Master of Fine Arts degree this year. Before that, he lived, taught and made art in Chicago, Atlanta, and Madison, WI, among other towns large and small. He co-organizes SumArt events with Daniel Aguilera and a motley and ever-shifting crew of art activists in Las Cruces.


chrismortensonChristopher Mortensen

Christopher Mortensen has constructed narratives that are influenced by the unavoidable act of becoming an adult; which he claims is a transition, from kid to adult, that has not yet been fully reached in his life.  For Christopher, the line is blurred and he claims to still be finding his way. His photos are tableaus that exist in this blurred area. By using humor in his work, Christopher is able to express a vulnerability that everyone has felt at one time in his or her life.  This vulnerability acts like a mirror for the viewer to peer into and interact with. By doing this, his photos are able to relate to many different scenarios, be they factual or fictional.


Colin Andrew Bailey

Colin Andrew Bailey is a poet.


ericmckinnleyEric McKinley

Eric McKinley is a man with an unfulfilling job and an even more unfulfilling art degree. Although he loves life and his dog sandy (in the picture).



Esin Goldman

Esin Goldman

Esin Goldman’s work has been featured in bottle rockets and Simply Haiku. She balances her writing life with her work as a reading interventionist and mother. Of haiku and its related forms she states, “Writing in this tradition allows me to capture small epiphanies throughout the day. The contemplative quality of the form trains the eye to find wonder in the ordinary.”




floyddmichaelelliotFloydd Michael Elliott

Floydd Michael Elliott hails from Portland, OR, where he received his Bachelor’s in Philosophy from Lewis & Clark College.  He is currently working on his MFA in Creative Writing at NMSU, focusing mostly on poetry and creative nonfiction.  An avid collector of useless hobbies, vinyl records, beer steins, and vintage encyclopedias, he is forever grateful to his wife, Dr. Lisa Jo, and son, Ignatius, for their love and support.



jadeboswellJade Boswell

Jade Boswell’s paintings bear the gravity of the decisions she has made by serving as a historical record visible through the layers of the days she spends working on them. She states that “A good painting, by being a record and an image, is in both ways a vessel for the artist’s compassion”. The viewer is affected by the image’s ability to reach them — comprehending the imagination is a human necessity. An art piece, if it is compassionately imaginative, can transcend the abilities of its creator, live beyond the artist’s physical abilities.  In each of her most successful pieces, Jade makes sturdy homes for compassion to grow.


Judy Isabel Parra

Judy Isabel Parra is a Chicana from El Chuco, Texas and attends NMSU as a Senior, studying English with an emphasis in Creative Writing and American Indian Studies.  She aspires for an MFA and hopes to one day teach at NMSU.


Julie-FordJulie Dyke Ford

In addition to being an occasional poet, Julie Dyke Ford is a wife, mother of two lovely boys, runner, baker of pastel de tres leches, longdog aficionado, thriftstore huntress, and Technical Communication professor at New Mexico Tech.



justin aerniJustin Aerni

Justin Aerni was born in Fort Huachuca, Arizona in 1984, where he lived for about four years, and from then on lived in California, Spokane, and now Portland, Oregon. His grandfather, “Wesleigh Correll,” also an artist, taught him to paint and draw and to be creative at an early age. After high school, Justin started to sell his artwork online, mostly through Ebay and other auction sites on the Internet. A couple of years later he started getting more of a fan base and was asked to send his art to display in galleries all around the world. His art can be found today in art magazines, galleries, graphic novels, newspapers, on T-shirts and much more.


karentrujilloKaren Trujillo

Karen Trujillo is a non-traditional student who absolutely refused to return to college until her husband twisted her arm. She was a business major until she took J. Frawley’s Intro to Creative Writing class and realized that not only was she excited about being a student but completely came alive when she began to write. On fire, with a drive to create and soak up all that her fellow students have to offer, Karen is in love with her husband and three gorgeous sons. “This is what it’s all about,” she says with disbelief each day when she wakes and realizes she is going to get to write.


Kayla Krattiger

On her time in an undergrad arts program Kayla Krattiger states, “I’ve visited the place where my focus was on materials, using a visceral, unplanned approach … which gave way to a more structured, intentional and patterned pitstop of a phase, where I was looking more than making. Where I’ve been recently, is ironically similar to where I started BEFORE entering a program. That is, a place of making what I feel compelled to make, using the tools at hand, to please myself and those around me. That is the joy I see in art and that I feel I am able to share with others.”


lindseyjonesLindsey Jones

Lindsey Jones is an English major at NMSU emphasizing in Creative Writing and English.She grew up in the beautiful Las Cruces area and loves it here. Lindsey’s mother is her rock, and the reason she writes. She has a fish named Buddy who lives in her bathroom. Lindsey loves reading and writing and art and people and life. 🙂



Michael Block

Michael Block is a student of NMSU’s art department. He is in his 4th year getting two degrees-
one in metals and the other in art history. He was drawn to metals because of its versatility and its permanency. He loves to see things come together and watching the progression of what is being made.


i1035 FW1.1Michael Harrell

Michael Harrell currently resides in Las Cruces, NM and is on the threshold of graduating New Mexico State University. He plans to travel, work, live in a cabin, and create things (and stuff) until Fall 2011, when he will attend graduate school to study literature, poetics, language, as well as remember to forget.



michelle grangerMichelle Granger

Michelle Granger is a senior at New Mexico State, majoring in English. Her work has appeared in Metaphor, published by Weber State University. The only thing she loves more than poetry is her daughter Audrielle who just completed Kindergarten.




michelleherreraMichelle Herrera

Michelle Herrera resides in liminality.  She received her BA in English from NMSU and is currently attending Queens University of Charlotte where she studies creative writing.  Other works of hers appear in Sin Fronteras: Writers Without Borders and Opium Magazine (www.opiummagazine.com).




Naomi Ruth Estrada is a feminist, poet and active activist. A recipient of the LOLA John Berryman Prize for her poem Speak a Stupid Brave, Estrada is a proud Chicana who uses her poetry to delve into the issues that speak to her. Culture and an understanding of self are common themes in her work. She looks forward to working on her MFA in Poetry at NMSU this fall.


noahboswellNoah Boswell

Noah Boswell is a creative writing major at NMSU.



pauldahlgrenPaul Dahlgren

Paul Dahlgren’s work has also appeared in: pen, scrawled on my hand, on the side of Avra’s shoe and in a number of other places where he felt his work would make the biggest impact. He will be graduating in May with a BA in journalism and an emphasis on advertising and minors in marketing and English.



Paul French

Paul French has been in a love affair with writing ever since he was seventeen. It’s been one of his favorite hobbies and will surely be a lifelong passion. There’s nothing more therapeutic than watching a blank page fill with words–as if it were some fallow field suddenly given to producing crops, says French. He has had wonderful teachers at NMSU (among them, Sheila Black, Carmen Smith and Richard Greenfield). He hopes you enjoy his work.


R. Sam ChaneyR. Sam Chaney

R. Sam Chaney is a graduating senior of English at Quinnipiac University. Sam has been writing poetry in earnest since 2007. His inspiration comes from the poetry of daily life and speech, and he hopes to continue writing while serving as a tutor for Literacy AmeriCorps in West Palm Beach, FL next year.


Robert Scharer

Robert Scharer is a student at New Mexico State University.  He is majoring in English, with an emphasis on creative writing.  Formerly from Iowa City, Iowa, he now makes his home in Las Cruces.  This is his first published work.


shielablackSheila Black

Sheila Black is the author of two full-length collections Love/Iraq (2009) and House of Bone (2007) both published by CW Press and two chapbooks How to be a Maquiladora (Main Street Rag) and Continental Drift with painter Michele Marcoux (Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh, 2010).  She lives in Las Cruces, New Mexico.



stephanievazquezStephanie Vasquez

Stephanie Vasquez was born on September 5, 1989 in Misawa, Japan. Her early childhood reflects that of a typical military kid.  She graduated from Alamogordo High School in 2008, and is now a sophomore at NMSU majoring in Government.


vanessaloweVanessa Lowe

Vanessa Lowe is a sophomore at NMSU from Santa Fe, and a Photography and Business double major. She first started photography six years ago in a traditional darkroom setting, and it has since developed into her passion.


zeltzynrubisanchezlozoyaZeltzyn Rubi Sanchez Lozoya

Zeltzyn Rubi Sanchez Lozoya is an inter-national student at NMSU originally from Chihuahua, Mexico. She finds great comfort in the quote “Life is divine chaos” and lives her life in accordance to that motto. She finds inspiration and extracts words of wisdom from everything around her, ranging from the poetry of the British Romantics to the latest Bollywood movies