Edmundo Resendez

The Infinite Honeymoon

By Monte McTavish

Ever since Paul and Stella met in first grade it seemed that this night, their wedding night, would surely come.

Paul and Stella were both romantics and their wedding reception spared no “mushy” expense.

As Paul walked Stella to the dance-floor the soft song, “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion played.

They danced without saying a word; there was not a dry eye in the house.

For their honeymoon Paul and Stella selected a Romantic Novel theme cruise that featured three out of five of their favorite novelists.

On the first night there was a reading by novelist, Pricella Hubert-Rincon who authored the novel, “Mi Amor, My Love, Mi Dolor.” Pricella Hubert-Rincon was Stella’s favorite novelists although she was Paul’s third favorite.

Being their first honeymoon night Paul and Stella retired early to their cabin.

“Good morning, mi amor” Stella whispered to Paul, “you feel cold, here, let me rub my naked body up against yours, husband!”

Paul said nothing. He did not move. He was dead.
“I’m sorry, mam,” said the captain, “we cannot turn back and we are two days from the nearest port.”

Stella said nothing.

“I’m afraid the only thing we can do with the body is put it in freezer until we get to port,” the captain spoke in a hush tone.

Stella stood there in disbelief. Her childhood love and best friend was now dead and he was about to be placed in a freezer next to the veal cutlets.

Stella must have circled the ship deck at least ten times never once looking ahead always looking down. She was soaked from the rain.

“Ladies and gentleman,” an announcement over the ship’s loudspeaker came on, “today’s lunch reading of, “Love in the Time of Infinite Sadness” by award winning author, Tipton St. Charles has moved to the Captain’s Ballroom from the deck due to poor weather conditions.

Stella slowly walked to the Captain’s Ballroom and sat through the Tipton St. Charles reading of what was Paul’s latest favorite romantic novel, “Love in the Time of Infinite Sadness.”

The novel itself was her fourth favorite latest romantic novel.

After the reading she approached the author and asked him so sign the novel. He inscribed it:

“In the time of infinite sadness, the sun rises.”

Tea time brought a reading by Lorenzo de Maria Diaz who’s latest romantic novel, “The Rest is Mine” was Paul’s official 20th best novel of all of time. It was Stella’s 10th at best.

The author inscribed it: “The rest may be mine but the world is still yours”

The dinner reading was conducted by Jenna Roe-Gardner author of the book, “I Had To, He Cheated.” The novel was Stella’s number one latest novel. Paul refused to rank it.

The author inscribed it: “Stay strong, the sisterhood is here for you.”

So it went, Stella continued with the cruise attending different readings and having her novels inscribed.

The ship pulled in Puerto Valiente two days after Paul passed away.

Stella walked to the deck area with the captain and saw the body of her husband wrapped in plastic loaded onto the back of a hearse.

She left the cruise ship and walked into town.

She was set to return at three but did not.

During a search in Stella’s cabin they found the novel, “One Day Without You” by Lonnie Stein sitting on the bed. When they opened it to the first page it was inscribed:

“Today the sun rose without you, tonight it will set without me.”

It was signed by Stella.
The novel ranked as the best novel, ever, by both Paul and Stella.



Edmundo Resendez, 45 is a non-traditional student at New Mexico State University. Edmundo has worked as operations manager and producer for KRWG-FM since 2012. Edmundo has worked in the radio and advertising industry since 1990 and has lived the life of a radio gypsy having lived in Texas, Illinois, Missouri, New York and New Hampshire. Edmundo settled in Las Cruces, NM in 2002 with his wife, Jeanne, who is an NMSU graduate (Class of 1997, Masters Class 2017), daughter Donna who is a junior at Onate High School and a dual credit student at NMSU and Carmen who is in kindergarten. Edmundo describes his writings as being for “bathroom intellectuals,” those who need a quick read for their quick business.

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