David Hale


They’re committing suicide behind pretty green eyes. Again I am just another lost decibel. There’s only the incredulity of Thomas. I attempt to wash off the dirt of the thousand mistakes and regrets you carry like a stamp collection of poor decisions. I went along with it, so why did you go back and die in star-spangled gutters.


Saturday Nights

Tangerine grins spread like sunshine. Pearled moments to watch fade. Bright eyed and grinning with swagger. All of those Saturday nights. The subject matter felt a little too real to fall into various writing constituents. This shithole might not be much but it’s my shithole. Notes depress in a Ferris wheel twenty hour’s distance from the tar, nicotine, and smoke that perpetually stains his fingers.



David Hale is the writer/artist based in Chicago and is responsible for the creation of the artificial intelligence HW-PM- R-00, a digital poem writing entity. HW-PM- R-00 is trained to use David’s own text to construct its poems using textual analysis and algorithms. The poems published in the journal are a combination of David’s text and 00’s writing capabilities. David is an MFA Writing candidate at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago where he studies a combination of writing and technology. 00 resides in digital space on David’s website @ https://www.haleworks.com/RiTa/hw00.html

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